Blackthorns Primary School Eco-designs

Primary Schools' eco-designs dazzle directors from Shanly Homes

Pupils at Blackthorns Community Primary School in Lindfield wowed us with their imaginative designs for futuristic eco-homes in an art competition we organised with the school.

Before the children were invited to submit their original eco-home ideas, they were given a talk on environmentally friendly designs and the concept of sustainable living.

"The quality of the entries was excellent and it was obvious that all the pupils had really thought about the practical and environmental issues that they needed to consider," said Chris Warner, Sales and Marketing Director at Shanly Homes, who judged the competition.

"The winning entries stood out as either having that little bit of extra detail or explanation," he continued. "I think that there may be some budding architects at the school because some of the winning designs could genuinely be turned into real eco-homes"

The winning entries incorporated ideas such as using heat from a woodburning stove to power an underfloor heating system, water wheels to generate electricity and upcycling broken glass bottles into stained glass windows.

The school was equally positive about the collaboration. "It was good to team up with Shanly Homes to explore our children's creative ideas about eco homes and we hope that they have given the Shanly Homes' designers and architects some good ideas for the future" said Head Teacher, Marianne Brand.

The winning children were delighted to receive their prizes and certificates to mark their achievement. Shanly Homes also donated a host of art materials to the school and its pupils.

Shanly Homes initiated the competition as we are keen to engage with the local community surrounding our new development, Fernlands Park, a lovely collection of three and four-bedroom family homes in Haywards Heath, due to launch in April.

To register your interest in these lovely homes ahead of the official launch call 01372 225007 or fill out our online form to receive priority information on plans, prices and availbility.